4 Mar 2012

Hot chocolate with cinnamon

Today was HOT mmmm ( If you know what I mean )
we went hiking in the old part of the city. 
Unfortunately all the interesting shops were closed. Had a steamy hot cup of hot chocolate. 
Then we got the bus (158). If it weren't for those really nice people in the bus we would have fucking missed our stop
We also saw the cutest bag the conversation went like: me: omg look at that bag, it's so cool
shop assistant: there's also this coloor it's cool
me: this is so freaking cool
And sang karaoke at a 'baraki' that the 'intrence' was free but we decided to join them from the outside.
bitch we do love bus rides!
Every Sunday should be special! Feel free to join us my little pumpkins. Next week we'll be going yo LA ( larnaca )

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