23 Nov 2011

tea time

Laura Ashley is having a bazaar on Saturday(27.11.11) and Sunday(28.11.11),
Drop by and buy your Christmas gifts in cheap prices, you can find things from old stocks (I personally got some cute vintage clothing to create bow ties)
And you can also give a look inside the store where a lot of things will be on sale,
However you have nothing better to do, than a Saturday/Sunday bazaar with great items.
 Have a great time with a great buy.
Get into your Christmas outfit and pop by!
27-28.11.11 from 10am to 5pm

20 Nov 2011


Stelios Ermogenides
an artist with a Psychedelic mind, doodles that trap your imagination and take you to a different place­ ­
I was impressed by the amount of time and energy he put into his work, the structure of every line and overcoming the fear of knowing that mistakes don't have an 'undo' button.
My personal favorite was the 'I'm ready' piece. The vibrance of the colours and the beautiful gold framing, got me thinking of how ready i was for any new adventure.
Everything about the event was wonderful, great art, interesting people and white gallery.
(p.s. never go to an exhibition on your own)
The exhibition's opening was on Friday (18.11.11) and it’s launched at “is not gallery” until December 5 2011.

6 Nov 2011

Istoria is settling down

On Saturday the 5th of November, I went to the opening of this new vintage store with my wonderful friend Laura. The clothes and furniture were great, we were both surprised at how good the place looked. 
Maybe I drank a little bit more than i should have at the after party, but that only helped me at having a great time, despite the fact i actually laid down on the floor inside the store. 
In the store you can find some great pieces at fairly reasonable prices. I am glad that Lydia, the owner, started such a great business because unfortunately it's quite rare to come across a vintage store here in Cyprus.
The opening event was definitely worth going to and I was very happy to have the chance to meet some really nice people, 

Ridin' Solo

Creating another blog other than stalkable
We had (and will have) some great moments together, but having a blog with two other strong personalities ,well, it's not easy.
So, I decided to create a new blog (ridin' solo this time) because of all the wonderful places i visit, all the people i meet and all the things i see.
but we will maintain our blog, because after all it's about the moments we've been through.