19 Feb 2012

30 + 5

Natalie Yiaxi's work is hosted by the known bookshop Mouflon,
the wonderful work by Natalie,

a book collection made out of exhibition invitations
pictures from the web and all the interesting things in her mind­ ­.
I was really excited to see Natalie's work, and i was more than pleased.
a bit of death a lot of "bookmaking", and the journey begins.
4-8pm saturday
A collector really is a poor wretch,
He'll always want to have a set
He'll never be satisfied with a single object.
go there early you need the time to be seduced,
and learn how you feel about... etc.

12 Feb 2012

I'm a princess!

around carnival time we all know that jumbo is one of the best ways to get into the funky mood with out spending a big amount of money
so laura and I decided to have a road trip with setting our destination to be jumbo,
as you can see in the pictures i'm wearing my new sweatshirt, (New Fashion, is the brand) that i was planning to wear at the cheap art exhibition. ironic enough? 
however we had a wonderful time teasing people's taste and being divalicious as a right cypriot visiting jumbo should be. 
oh lala! barbie wannabe is having a ride with the naked baby :O

7 Feb 2012

Seductive Art

Art was never before more interesting to see just because the price range was on our budget
another wonderful group exhibition.
launched at is not gallery 
cheap art (only by price) was for sale and wonderful artistis where giving us the opportunity to buy extraordinary work up to 500 euros, 
most of the work was sold before even the gallery was open. but, i mean an kapios thelei kati prin peinasei magirevei.
ala if i had the chance i would most likely buy xaritini's work because i'm in love with her
ala come on parabola parapola pramata aaaah

To Installation Tis Moiras

on monday Maria, Agathi and I had breakfast.
and Maria was blown away by the beauty of a pair of vintage looking army patterned boots.
but the size wasn't just right. so, epiame se ola ta katastimata stin palia levkosia pou poulusan palia stock apo paputsia  elpizontas oti the exoun esto ke mavres. ala oxi.
anyhow ekso apo to Parking tis faneromenis ena installation apo tin moira, dekades polisterines vamenes se pastel xromata.
tuti ine i omorfia na ginonte pragmata, pou na pernas apo dipla tous, na fevgoun me ena fortigo.

2 Feb 2012

Kinky Road Trip

We had(and still do) the honor to have Degas's work exhibit in Limassol, 
the full collection of statues featuring the famous young ballerina, 
i must say the ballerina blew me away and her wonderful little skirt
the most convenience thing for me to do was to ask my class mates to pose next to the statues in ballerina poses and join them for a dance.
ke eixai ke ena documentary pou en etelione evlepame evlepame ke tipota, tulaxiston mathame oti ekane ke diafora "vromika" skitsa. goustaro...
ke meta pigame na fame se ena kaparetzidiko cafe me kokinous dermatinous kanapedes
the photography was boring so i decided to turn them into collages

I'm the 15th

I must admit i'm obsessed over Soteris, 
he's work but especially him his first solo exhibition is launched at omicron gallery, by the first you look you can see superb drawing and exciting techniques, but if you hear soteris talking about his work you get immediately deeper in the concept and enchanted by his words,
any one of us can see himself having a Disciple or two that represents­ ­ you the most.

the exhibition ends on the 17th.