12 Feb 2012

I'm a princess!

around carnival time we all know that jumbo is one of the best ways to get into the funky mood with out spending a big amount of money
so laura and I decided to have a road trip with setting our destination to be jumbo,
as you can see in the pictures i'm wearing my new sweatshirt, (New Fashion, is the brand) that i was planning to wear at the cheap art exhibition. ironic enough? 
however we had a wonderful time teasing people's taste and being divalicious as a right cypriot visiting jumbo should be. 
oh lala! barbie wannabe is having a ride with the naked baby :O


  1. omg!be a robocopbarbie!a hint of christopher kane a hint of balenciaga and ladiidaaa!

    1. I want so bad to be a robocopbarbie! ugh, ala my mom has a problem with me dressing up as robocop, ke to budget mou ine mikro extos ke an to balenciaga tha einai opos to dolce mou :) xxx love you