26 Dec 2011


So, my birthday is on the 27th and i'm having a hindu inspired celebration, 
but all of my friends are confused about the concept and what they should wear, so here's some inspiration straight from india§


15 Dec 2011

Face The Gun

the new solo exhibition by CONSTANTINOS TALIOTIS 
at Ex-Cyprus Airways Offices (specially made into a gallery) 
The coldest vibe that I ever felt from a gallery but, I must admit that the whole thing came together. It quite looked like we were examining the murder that the photographs captured. 
The exhibition contains directed photographs that let your imagination go to the darkest underground mafia-ish side of Cyprus. 
Touches of humor into the work makes it a hundred times more interesting and leads you into the weirdest scenarios. 
ate kopela mou sikose to koli sou ke piene na deis kamia ekthesi, 
until the 31 December
oh and we really enjoyed the fruit platter ;)

we are touched

 Προσωπικά μου Πρόσωπα
i believe that Xaritini is one of the most talented artists. 
Her work captures you in every way. we all do truly love her and she deserves all the best, last night was the opening of her exhibition and Maria Panosian talked about her, the most honest words i've heard from someone in the last year,. if you haven't visited the exhibition yet you must, it's truly beautiful. the most eye catching portraits i've ever seen. oh and Lakis was the star of the night(to be honest) the wonderful sheep-looking dog with the funky personality.
ah, and go to check out her wonderful website: here
the exhibition is launched at 'is not  gallery' until the 7th of january ate. efies.

14 Dec 2011

what was going on?

a fashion performance created by anna apostolou.
 everything looked great until, the show was about to start. 
the fact that most of the people attending the event weren't able to enjoy the performance, was sad
i personally tried standing up but it ain't got any better. 
i really enjoyed the music though (by nico stephou) 
and the performance went well. (i guess)

1 Dec 2011

Seduce me

Cypriot fashion designers are exhibiting their talent to Αrtos Foundation in Nicosia
this was supposed to be posted more than a week ago, but i'm lazy. the event is over.